We help facilitate meaningful ends-means analysis, centered on strategic and tactical steps. We encourage a focused, deliberate planning process, centered on developing common language, goals and measures.

  • Knowledge based

  • Reflect best practices

  • Input from content experts and thought leaders

  • Researched and referenced

  • Actionable

Let us start by identifying what is success and how it will be measured. Then we will work backwards from there to establish the who, what, when and where to get the results you desire.


We help you to develop sound community indicators and performance measures so you can show return on investment (ROI) and social return on investment (sROI). Linking performance measures to community goals is critical to assess the impact of of all social endeavors, regardless of size.

  • Psychometrically sound

  • Free of bias

  • Leading indicators, as well as concurrent and lagging

  • Aligned strategically

  • Actionable

We provide meaningful measures that are meaningful for staff and community. Expert place-based measures accelerate community indicator development.


We leverage Open Source to bring Open Knowledge tools to life. We provide Open Data Portals, Mapping, Dashboards, and data visualization tools.

  • State of the art

  • SaaS or on premises

  • Customizable

  • User friendly

  • Actionable insights

We are very active in discussions centered on open data, community indicators and performance management.

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