We are Actionable Analytics…

a consulting firm rich in in real-world experience and committed to promoting social good, equity and sustainability. Joe Baldwin, the principal consultant, brings over 20 years of planning, research and evaluation experience to the company. Substantive areas of expertise include physical and mental health, education, homelessness, affordable housing, disaster preparedness and more. Joe employs other consultants as the need arises. All share a commitment to professionalism, quality and timeliness. We are working to bring affordable analytic solutions to communities, agencies and programs, with an emphasis on creating cost-effective solutions for nonprofits that will improve their outcomes.

How Actionable Analytics Works

1 Actionable Analytics first and foremost works within the framework that drives your organization. Using this as a guide, we will work with you to help you refine the scope of work and deliverable metrics that define success for the project.

2 Actionable Analytics uses sound methods and the best technologies, guided by what is best for the tasks at hand. We foster open communication with the project sponsor(s) to ensure the deliverables are congruent with your expectations.

3 Actionable Analytics will deliver final products that reflect our commitment to excellence. We don't just talk the talk; we walk the walk. Most importantly, we empower you to tell your story, giving you the assets to communicate effectively, both in print and digitally.

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